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    On December 12, 2019 Department of Corporate Relations of the Bank of Russia registered the report on the results of RosDorBank subsequent offering: ordinary registered uncertified shares, state registration number 10201573В005D dd. 17.09.2018, 4,804,320 shares with nominal value of RUB 124 each, offer price – RUB156 per share.

    RosDorBank shareholders’ equity after December 12, 2019 increased by RUB 749,474 thousand, and is equal to RUB 2,756,226 thousand.

    Increase of the Bank authorized capital and changes in the RosDorBank membership became the main steps of preparation for implementation of the Bank Development Strategy up to 2025.

    According to the new Strategy the Bank positions itself as an active participant and contributor to the most significant national projects: “Safe and high-quality roads” and “Comprehensive plan for trunk infrastructure modernization and extension for the period up to 2024”.

    RosDorBank, acting as an expert in the transport sector with a 30-years professional experience, shall exert the efforts for optimal and most efficient implementation of the said strategy in connection with the key government contracts, shall provide active contribution to modernization of the enterprises’ capital funds in the said sector, and shall attract its partners for full-scale participation in the transport infrastructure development.

    Increase of the authorized capital resulted not only in the extension of the Bank financial resources, but also in attraction of the persons, operating as the actors of the process of the key roads construction, reconstruction and service maintenance the new shareholders.

    The Bank was successful in engagement for participants of some foreign partners able to contribute the significant extension of the products range for RosDorBank customers, and to participate actively in the transport sector investment programs.

    Active participation of members of RosDorBank Board in the new issue proves material concern of the top managers in successful implementation of the presented Bank Strategy.