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About the Bank

THE RUSSIAN PUBLIC JOINT-STOCK COMMERCIAL ROADS BANK (Public joint-stock company) is an extensively developing, one of the first commercial banks in Russia. It was established in 1991 by the largest road enterprises as a field-oriented bank for the industry.

RosDorBank provides financial services to organizations of different branches such as road industry, farming, transporting, industrial and housing construction, building materials, trade as well as to military industrial complex units. It also offers special service programs to private inpiduals.

RosDorBank presents the following programs and banking products:

  • Small and Medium-Sized Business Lending Program
  • MIC operating program
  • Program of work with road enterprises
  • Mortgage programs for corporate customers
  • Private banking service

Universal License of the RF Central Bank No. 1573 dated January 26, 2018

RosDorBank is a member and a participant of: